2021 March Madness: Pandemic Edition- The Final Four
The Final Four have been selected! The top four contenders will battle it out to make it to the Finals of the 2021 March Madness Pandemic Edition. Will your favorites survive?

The Sharon Public Library has succumbed to March Madness! In our tournament, the books, movies, TV shows, and activities that have defined our pandemic life will face off against each other every week until an ultimate winner is determined.

Want to play? It's easy! All you have to do is pick your top book, movie, show, or activity from each pair below and click submit. Votes will be tabulated, and winners will advance to the next round. This will continue until an ultimate winner is crowned.

No prior knowledge of the books, movies, TV shows, or activities, is required in order to play. You can cast your vote on any criteria: your opinion of the entry, a friend's opinion, online reviews, the title or phrase alone, or even whichever image appeals to you more.

We will post each new Round on Mondays, and voting will remain open all week. Once you've voted, please share this with family and friends, and encourage them to play too!

Round 5 of voting is a shorter round, and will be open through Thursday, April 8th. The Championship Round (the finals) will open on Friday, April 9th and run through Tuesday, April 13th.
Movies Versus Activities - Game 61
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Television Versus Books- Game 62
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