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This form will generate the "First Draft" of an Activity / Topic, on the spreadsheet and on a separate document. Going forward, editing the document will not update the spreadsheet, and editing the spreadsheet will either not edit the document OR (if we re-run the merge) erase all document edits. SO: let's not edit the documents until after we have finalized the spreadsheet!
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Functional Activity Description
Current Faculty Culture Bias and Method of Address via Course
Sub-skills and Sub-activities that need Treatment
PLO: Condition
PLO: Activity
PLO: Measure
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Essential Competency: Faculty Capacity
Relevant Course Delivery Segment(s) *
Performance Priority (1=top)
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TOOLS: Tool Focus (check all that apply)
Stability of Tool Use (1=no change over time)
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Which position provides oversight / feedback (if any)?
DoL Relationships re: Activity
ATTITUDES: Institutional attitude towards this topic / activity
ATTITUDES: Student attitude towards this topic / activity
PROCEDURES: Process & Problem Solving related to this topic / activity
Clump? What other activities is this linked to?
DELIVERY: Strategy for addressing this curriculum topic
DELIVERY: Exposures and Reinforcement (all that apply)
TRANSFER: What will we measure?
TRANSFER: How will we measure transfer?
KILL SWITCH: Could failure result in a referral to supervision?
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Transfer Knowledge Expectations (check all that apply)
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