Jawahar Education Society's Institute of Technology, Management & Research, Nashik
Overall Feedback Form
For Academic Year 2018-19
1) The prescribed books / reading materials available in the library are.... *
2) Are numbers of Journals available in the library? *
3) Reference books available in the library are.... *
4) Online educational resources (e-journals, e-books, etc.) are available and accessible in the library *
5) Is internet facility available in the Library? *
6) Are different news papers available in the library? *
7) How do you rate the seating arrangements in the Library? *
8) How do you rate the behaviour of the library staff? *
9) Is silence/discipline maintained in the Library? *
10) How often you visit to the Library? *
Administrative Office
1) Admission procedure in the institute is... *
2) Service of account section in the institute is... *
3) Do you get the enough information about various scholarships in the institute? *
4) How do you rate the behaviour of the office staff? *
5) Do you get various information about the office on the notice board? *
College Facilities
1) Infrastructure and lab facilities in the institute are... *
2) The classrooms are clean and well maintained *
3) Purified drinking water is available in the college campus. *
4) Store services (stationary, xerox, print, etc) are... *
5) Washrooms/ Toilets are clean and properly maintained *
6) The campus has adequate power/ electricity supply *
7) How do you rate the institute’s Sports and cultural activities? *
8) Grievances/problems of students are solved.... *
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