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Thank you so very much for your interest in Blooming Books. I am so very excited to meet everyone at COPA I know it will be a blast! PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION. Please fill out this form to complete your order. Take a look at my facebook page pictures to help you decide what you would like. Please be specific with your color choices, as I want to make something you will love. Because of high demand I must implement a 3 flower per order minimum rule if ordering regular sized flowers. If you would like 2 different books please fill out another order form and I will adjust your shipping price. If you have any questions feel free to message me at anytime on or and I will be happy to work with you. Payment must be received 1 month prior to event so I have time to create your custom pieces. If you are picking up your flowers at the event and cannot make it, it is your responsibility to contact me and pay for shipping. No refunds will be issued if orders are no picked up. To insure your order was submitted please make sure you see the submitted page after sending. Again, please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions. Thank you so very much for taking a look and I hope you have a wonderful day!
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Please select the type of flowers that you would like. Each flower is $8 *
Please let me know how many of each type flower you would like in your floral bouquet or wreath *
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Painting Technique $2 per flower per technique for burnt, splattered, airbrushed and hand painted *
Please be specific when naming colors. I have a lot of options and will match to the best of my ability. Also please let me know if you would like the 2 colored flowers or just 1 color on each flower or a mix. I tend to like to do a mix of both solid color and 2 colored flowers. If ordering burnt flowers just put burnt as the color.
Colors on painted flowers up to 2 (4 for splattered effect)
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If ordering the big bloom or mini book shelf wreath color choice (2 colors)
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If ordering the wreath color choices (up to 3 colors)
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Book Choice *
Specific Book Title not on hand
Will add Thrift Books or Amazon price of book to total (whichever is cheapest)
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Cover Flower *
If purchasing or sending a book, you have the option of adding a cover flower for $12 (Please note covers with more color and less bodies on them make the best cover flowers)
US Shipping and Handling Rates 50% for attendees *
Special Requests (please note added colors or techniques will have an additional charge)
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Shipping Name and Address (just in case) *
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If you love your flowers please consider leaving a review. I would really appreciate it! Have a stupendous day!!!
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