Participant Sign up: Virtual Hangouts with Wings of Friendship | February 1st - March 12th & April 5th - April 30th
Welcome to Virtual Hangouts with Wings of Friendship, a collaboration between The Friendship Journey of South Florida and Dylan's Wings Of Change of Connecticut. Teens and adults of all abilities are welcome and there is no cost to join.

Our next session of Virtual Hangouts will take place Monday - Friday from February 1st - March 12th at 4 pm Monday - Friday, followed by a break and then another session April 5th - April 30th. All activities will take place via Zoom. Computers, laptops or tablets are best. We will send an email prior to activities beginning with more information and Zoom links. We are so excited to explore new activities and spend time with our friends!

Activities include:

- Acting
- Art
- Beatboxing
- Cheer
- Connections with Friends
- Cooking
- Dance Party
- Expression Through the Arts with The Broward Center
- Farm Friends
- Trivia

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