Dural Musical Society Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves: Audition Information
What can you expect at the audition?

Singing: We will ask you to sing a song that "shows your voice off", and our Musical Director will check your vocal range. Choose a song that is suitable for a pantomime (most of the Disney types of songs are good examples of what you should sing). We will not need to hear the whole song – please prepare only the best verse and chorus. You may bring an instrumental backing track to play (a bluetooth speaker will be provided), or you may perform accapella.

Dancing: Our Choreographer will spend a short amount of time doing some movement work with you - so that she can determine whether you can feature in dance routines as a key dancer. If not, she'll know just how to choreograph to your strengths.

Acting: The Director will then ask you to read some of the dialogue from the show. This will be a chance for you to showcase your acting capability. He will ask you to do a cold read of a scene, then will give you some acting direction. He is looking for actors who respond well to direction and who connect well with the characters they are portraying.

What can you expect at rehearsals?

Rehearsals are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings, 7-10pm, commencing July 12th, 2021. Children under 15 are only required until 8:45pm each rehearsal. However, as we approach show dates, we may require children to stay back later for a few rehearsals. This can be discussed with our director.

The following dates are compulsory. If you cannot make any of the below dates, you're spot in the show may be reconsidered:

Saturday 9th October, 2021 (10am - 5pm),
Monday 11th October and Wednesday 13th October (normal rehearsal times).

Friday 15th October 2021 8pm
Saturday 16th October 2021 8pm
Sunday 17th October 2021 2pm (Matinee)
Friday 22nd October 2021 8pm
Saturday 23rd October 2021 2pm (Matinee)
Saturday 23rd October 2021 8pm
Sunday 24th October 2021 2pm (Matinee)
Friday 27th October 2021 8pm
Saturday 28th October 2021 2pm (Matinee)
Saturday 28th October 2021 8pm
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As part of this production we will host a number of working bees to help create set and props. Working bees are held on Sundays. We require our cast to attend at least two working bees. Do you agree to attend at least two working bees?
Publicity Release: Throughout the course of the production, Dural Musical Society (DMS) has enlisted some members to take photographs and video for the sole purpose of publicity, records and mementos for the cast and crew. Some of the photos may be used for promotional material such as flyers, programmes, newspaper publicity, website, Facebook and mementos such as CD slideshows and DVD material. Aside from the programmes, none of the above items or digital images are for sale. I grant DMS permission to take and use photos and video for the sole purpose as stated above. I also agree not to publish photos and video images of rehearsals, publicity shoots or during the season of the show without DMS Committee approval. *
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