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The Center for the Transformation of Schools (CTS) at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies is partnering with the Orange County Department of Education and the Butte County Office of Education over the next five years to expand California’s Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) initiative. Our goal is to reduce school suspensions that disproportionately impact low-income students of color and students with disabilities by providing educators and leaders with new tools and training to improve school culture and climate.

In collaboration with the project partners, CTS will also establish a pilot program to assist local education agencies in creating positive school environments, e.g., improving pupil-teacher relationships, increasing student engagement, and promoting alternative discipline practices. One of the pilot program’s primary goals is to help schools shift from traditional approaches to school discipline, particularly across race, class, language, and cultural differences.

Our ability to have an impact as a state on school discipline disparities and to engage and inspire students and families in new ways will depend upon our ability to develop a strategy that is relevant to members and partners. We encourage you to share informative resources, research, files, or links that will inform our project in the following areas (files may not exceed 10MB):

-strategies for fostering positive school climate in both academic and behavioral areas
-student engagement (affective, behavioral, cognitive)
-positive behavior interventions and support
-restorative practices
-bullying prevention
-social and emotional learning
-trauma-informed practice
-culturally responsive instruction
-teaching and implicit bias

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