Symposium submission - ICVR 2021
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If accepted, each symposia presenter will be required to submit an individual abstract for their presentation by the general submission deadline of June 21, 2021. Please approve. *
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Groups with speakers from labs/institution in two different countries. and groups with at least one trainee or early career investigator will be accepted before groups with speakers from a single country and groups comprised of only senior scientists.  Please note whether these criteria apply to the current submission. *
Symposium title (225 characters including spaces) *
Prepare a general abstract summary of the proposed symposium (max 3000 character limit including spaces- approximately 500 words) that introduces the topic and justifies why the proposed topic is novel, contentious, or highly relevant for discussion. If selected, this summary will be included in the conference proceedings. *
Provide a brief description of how each speaker will offer a unique approach/perspective to the proposed topic. 600 characters including spaces max (approx. 100 words) per speaker. Please include each speaker name. *
. Provide a brief outline of a moderated, interactive scientific exchange with the audience, based on the individual presentations and the overarching topic they address. 1800 characters including spaces maximum (approx. 300 words). Indicate who will be the moderator of the exchange. *
Provide two (2) stimulating questions to the audience as a starting point for the discussion - Question 1 *
Provide two (2) stimulating questions to the audience as a starting point for the discussion - Question 2 *
Within the 1 hour and 45 min symposium, please indicate how much time will be used for the Symposium introduction, individual speaker presentations, and moderated, interactive scientific exchange. *
Provide a disclosure of potential conflicts of interest for each of the symposium participants (if applicable). *
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