Engineering Online Restriction on Sharing Content of Course Material with Third Parties Fall 2019
Copying, distributing, downloading, and uploading information on the internet may infringe the copyright for that information. Even an innocent, unintentional infringement violates the law. Violations of copyright that occur on or over the university's networks or other computer resources may create liability for the university as well as the computer user.

Accordingly, this policy also relates to the downloading of video lectures for Engineering Online courses. You are allowed to download a lecture and to keep it on your device until December 19, 2019, the end of the fall semester. After this time period, you must delete the downloaded files.

I acknowledge that all documents -- both electronic and hard-copy, including (but not limited to) copies of lecture notes, video lectures, homework assignments and solutions, exam assignments and solutions or any handouts provided by the instructor -- made available to me for the online course(s) taught at NC State University are copyrighted and intended only for my personal use and are not to be shared with colleagues, family or friends.

By completing this form, I certify that I will not share any content of the online course(s) delivered via the Engineering Online program at NC State University nor the downloaded lectures with a third party which includes any person not signed up for the course this semester, a personal, public, or commercial web site, or any other news or advertising media without the written permission of Dr. Linda Krute, Director of Engineering Online.

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