GLXC - Notice of Interest Reply
GLX Constructors (GLXC) seeks qualified firms to provide the following for the Green Line Extension (GLX) Project:

• Furnish & Install Cable Trough for Signal Systems

- Contractor responsible for procuring all cable trough. This shall include, but not be limited to, the body of the trough, trough lids, all 45- and 90-degree trough transitions, and trough protection rods.

- Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining approval on all required product submittals, shop drawings, installation drawings, work plans, installation quality control, safety and security documentation/validation, and all other aspects of procuring/installing trough.

- In “at grade” locations, the Contractor shall install all trough components (body, lid, etc.). Contractor will bring trough to within five feet from the nearest handhole/manhole. Company will install last leg of trough and associated pullbox, manhole and conduit.

- Contractor shall purchase any leveling material required for trough installation, including, but not limited to, sand and leveling bricks.

- GLXC will provide Contractor with an operator and equipment to excavate ballast and physically set trough in the “at-grade” locations.

Response due date: 5pm EST, November 21, 2019
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