Ed Foundation Grant Impact Form
Congratulations on receiving a grant from the Educational Foundation of Dexter!

Please let us know how this impacted your students! The information you provide helps the Ed Foundation promote our grant program within the Dexter community. Providing this feedback is an essential element of our grant review process. Completion of this form will be taken into consideration for your future grant proposals.

If you have any questions, please contact Cassy Korinek, the Ed Foundation teacher liaison, at korinekc@dexterschools.org or the Ed Foundation grant committee at grants@efdexter.org.
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Grant Number (Only applies to cycles after Fall 2017. The # was provided to you by the Ed Foundation in the grant approval email). *
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i.e. How did your students like it? Did it meet your goals as a teacher? Would you do anything differently?
Give us a quote (from you, a student, and/or a parent) which the Ed Foundation can use in promotional materials. *
Are you willing to join us at future Ed Foundation events (fundraisers, corporate thank yous, etc.)? *
Your role would be to present testimonials on how your grant award benefited your students and the Dexter community.
A picture is worth a thousand words!!! Send photos for promotional purposes to grants@efdexter.org.
Please Note: Parental approval required for all students appearing in the photos.Be sure to include a description of activity in photo and the date it was taken.
Do you have any feedback on our grant submission and review process?
Thank you for your submission!
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