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If you’re interested in expanding your usual recruitment channels, welcome! The Editors of Color Database will help you tap into our community of editors, proofreaders, and sensitivity readers of color who otherwise might not learn of these job opportunities. You can also use this form to find subject-matter experts to interview or consult.

It's free to submit a listing. We reserve the right to make minor edits, so if you use all caps or insert unnecessary content, we'll probably fix it (but no promises). If your listing requires substantial edits, we'll get your permission first or simply pass.

PLEASE NOTE: If your listing offers inadequate pay, it will not be distributed. This requirement doesn't apply to all roles; for example, interviewees and panelists don't expect payment, but speakers might. If approved, the listing will go out to our network, usually within a week.

We will try to notify you if your listing has been either distributed or rejected, but due to time constraints and other demands, it might not be possible. Thank you for understanding.

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