Forest Municipal School District
Consolidated Federal Programs Application - Parent/Family Survey
Select your child's school. *
I am a *
Do you have access to the Internet? *
My child is getting adequate help in reading. *
My child is getting adequate help in math. *
Extra reading support should be focused on students in Kindergarten - 3rd grade. *
How satisfied are you that students in your child's school have access to the following services when needed? *
Very Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
School Library Services
Classroom Computer Access
Health Services
Tutorial Services
Rank each item below in relation of importance to you as a parent. (1-most important, 2-moderately important, or 3-least important) *
My Child's Score on State Tests
My Child's Reading Program
My Child's Math Program
Does your child participate in extracurricular or club activities? *
Student Well-Being *
Student Engagement *
Parent Satisfaction with Education Offered *
Do you feel that your child is appropriately challenged at school? *
Are you satisfied with the level of parent/teacher communication throughout the year? *
Do you feel that you have adequate opportunities to participate in school activities? *
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