Core Causes Questions
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These questions can help you get UNDERNEATH your issue, so you can clear it from the CORE cause. It's OK if you don't have an answer to every question.
To get the most out of today's Circle, please try to answer every question.
1a. What is your issue? Click the area of your issue.
(IMPORTANT: Decide! On which issue do you want to focus some healing? To receive the best Tapping results, choose ONE specific issue, rather than everything at once!)
1b. Name your issue
Describe the issue you’re focusing on in one sentence or phrase.
Your answer
2. What are the "negative" feelings associated with your issue?
(These are the uncomfortable, disempowering feelings, the ones you would rather clear out.)
3. What's your negative “self-talk” about this issue?
(Listen and identify the negative things that you're saying to yourself about this issue. Choose from the list.)
4. What does your culture say about this?
(For example: "Good girls don't get angry." or "Big boys don't cry." Include religious belief statements, like "You're going to go to hell".)
Your answer
5. If your issue had a color, what would that be? What would it look like?
(Tune in to where you feel this issue in your body and visualize - see a clear image of what it looks like.)
6. When did this issue first start?
(Hint: It may have started earlier than you think! You may be dealing with a more recent version of the same OLD pattern!)
7. Who do you hold responsible or blame for your issue?
(Even if it's not actually their fault.)
8. Who in your family modeled similar attitudes and feelings?
(As in, could you have picked up feelings, thoughts and beliefs from someone you were around as a child.)
9. Where do you feel this in your body?
(For example: It may be a pressure in your head or a tension in your stomach.)
10. If your issue had a texture, what would it be? What would it feel like?
(Tune into the location in your body where you feel this issue. What does it feel like inside you?)
11. What benefit do you think you're receiving by holding on to this issue?
(This may include holding on to all the pain, negative feelings, limiting beliefs and self-destructive habits.)
12. Rate the intensity of your issue on a scale from 1-10 (1 = the least intense and 10 = extremely intense).
(How much emotional "charge" is there for you about your entire issue? (Note: You can guess. If you can't *feel* it right now, simply guess based on what you can remember.)
Almost none
Extremely intense
*** Remember ACCEPTANCE for what IS - is the key to your FREEDOM! ***
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