At Last Cats Placement Application
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this placement application. It's a long form, we know! We ask a lot of questions because we really care about our kittens and want to make sure they go to the right homes.

If your application is approved you will hear from us within one month.

This form is secure and all of your information will be kept confidential.

At Last Cats Maine Coons
Breeders: Marie Harriman & Chris Condon 

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What types of pets have you had in the past?  Where are they now?  How long did you have them? *
How many cats have you had in the past ten years?  What type?  Male/female? *
Have you ever had a cat declawed?  If so, why? *
Tell me about what you’ve done when your last pet became ill. *
Have you ever had to give up a pet?  If so, under what circumstances? *
Have you ever had a pet euthanized (put to sleep)? *
When you have your next cat spayed/neutered, do you also plan on having it declawed? *
Who will take care of this kitten? *
How long will it be left alone? *
Will it be allowed outdoors? *
Do you travel often?   How often do you travel and how long are you away?  How do you care for the pets while you are gone?   *
Have you ever owned a Maine Coon before?  Are you aware of the weekly grooming requirements to prevent mats, hairballs and dingleberries? *
How do you plan on handling clawing or behavior problems if you encounter them? *
It may take several weeks for your new pet to adjust to its new home; how do you plan to handle this period? If you have pets, how do you plan on introducing and integrating you new cat/kitten? *
How and what do you plan on feeding this kitten/cat?
Where will the kitten/cat be allowed to sleep? *
Where will the litter box(es) be kept? *
What plans have you made to take care of your animals in the event you are no longer able to care for them? *
How did you decide on a Maine Coon cat/kitten?   *
Are you interested in an adult or kitten?   *
Are you interested in a male or female? *
Are you looking for a particular color, or is there a color you want to avoid? *
Do you want a show, pet or breeder cat/kitten? *
What are the top three qualities you are looking for in a pet?   *
What type of personality do you want it to have? *
Have you contacted or visited other breeders?  What was your experience with them?   *
What is your definition of a reputable breeder?  What do you expect? *
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