Inheritance of how one sees thedress
Here, I'm trying to find out if how one sees "the dress" is inherited in a Mendelian manner. This is an informal poll (not a proper scientific study) to get a rough idea of inheritance (Does it behave in a Mendelian way? Is either way of seeing the dress dominant?). Please reply if you belong to a family and have phenotype data for both parents and one or more children (by having data I mean that the person has reported what they see).
The photo in question is here (in case you haven't already seen it): 
I'm interested in how people see that photo.

I have expanded the choices.
1 white and gold
2 light blue and gold
3 intermediate
4 dark blue and dark gold
5 dark blue and black
If you are drawn to words like "periwinkle" or "cornflower blue" choose 2.
"Other" is primarily for people who can switch the way they see the dress (or have switched).

I've also made the final question required so that I can collect data for sex-linked transmission.

If you're curious, the real dress is blue and black (and you can see it here:
which comes from a blog post by Steven Pinker in Forbes).

Results will be posted on the blog

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