Connally ISD Student Parking Permit Application
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Parking your car at CHS is a privilege that you have earned! As long as you follow all district parking and state and local ordinances you may park your vehicle on a CHS parking lot. *
In purchasing this permit, you are permitted to use the appropriate parking lot. You may park in the lot in front of the HS or the lot next to the Connally ISD Police Department. There is no student parking in the lot by the football field. *
I understand I may not park in spaces marked for Police, Teachers, Visitors, or Handicap. *
I understand I may NOT park in front of the East Campus or the Administration building. *
I understand I may NOT park in parking spaces between the auditorium and the band/drill team room. *
I understand I may NOT park in the parking lot behind the HS. *
I understand if I park in any area not allowed for students I will receive a written warning and subsequent violations may result in loss of parking privileges. *
I understand I may not loiter in the parking lot before school and must enter the building upon arrival. *
I understand Connally ISD is a Tobacco free district. *
I understand the rules and acknowledge I have read the CHS Parking rules and guidelines ( Failure to follow these rules may result in the loss of my privilege to park on Connally ISD property. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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