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I understand that proof of income (pay stub, benefits letter, W2, etc.) is required to receive assistance from the Pet Food Pantry. I agree to bring proof of income the first time I come to pick up pet food. *
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What is your annual household income? *
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Pet #1 Name, age and breed *
Is Pet#1 spayed or neutered?
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Is Pet#2 spayed or neutered?
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If you have more than 3 pets please list them here with the same information as requested above.
Name of veterinarian
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How many children are in your household?
I understand that it is a requirement of the Pet Pantry program that my pets are spayed/neutered. If they are not, Young-Williams will provide information on low cost spay/neuter surgery and I will have 30 days to have my pet(s) spayed/neutered or will be discontinued from the program. *
I understand that I may not add any more pets to my household while receiving assistance from the Pet Pantry program *
I understand that Young-Williams Animal Center's Pet Pantry program is intended as a supplemental source of pet food and is not the sole source of food for my pets *
In the event I cannot pick up pet food I authorize the following person/people to pick up for me
I release Young-Williams Animal Center from any claims, liability or damage relating to food I receive through the program, and I waive my right to raise any claims against YWAC *
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