Society and Culture PIP Questionnaire
Hi! Thanks in advance for completing my questionnaire for my Society and Culture, Personal Interest Project for my HSC. My PIP is focused on adolescents (specifically Gen Z). decisions and opinions towards nicotine use, specifically vaping and smoking, and how society and culture has had an impact on this. This is a short survey that should take less than five minutes to complete and would support my research. I would really appreciate your views and responses. Your participation is voluntary and all answers submitted are COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. Thank you for your time!
How old are you?
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Have you ever smoked or vaped?
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Why/Why not?
Have you ever experienced peer pressure to vape/smoke?
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If you answered yes, how?
Does your family or culture influence your opinion or decisions towards vaping/smoking. If so, how?
Do you vape, or know someone who vapes, as a stress reliever or source of euphoria?
How easy do you think obtaining a cigarette or vape is for minors?
Not easy at all
Extremely easy
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Why do you think this is the case?
Do you know of the consequences to vaping/smoking?
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Do you think vaping, or smoking is worse? Why?
Finally, if you vape, or know someone who does, what are the reasons (approx. 3) for the decision that I may have missed during this questionnaire?
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