Nerd Asylum Dark Matter Campaign
Thank you for your interest in joining our weekly Dark Matter campaign! The game will run weekly on Sundays from 9 PM EST to 11:00 PM EST. It will be streamed on multiple platforms including Twitch, and Facebook. This game will be DMed by Joseph Timmis. It will be audience interactive, where donations can effect the game, in support of our Extra Life charity campaign for Dell Children's Hospital.

We're hoping to start on August 2nd with a Session 0 being held on July 26th 2020 at 9 PM EST.

If you are interested in joining this campaign, please fill out the app below. If selected to participate, you will be notified via email no later than July 19th 2020.

Thank you.
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While video is not as important, audio quality is essential for a streamed game. Do you have a dedicated Microphone with good audio quality? *
This will be a streamed game and while you are not required to have a 4k camera, we do ask that can provide a decent video call for the purposes of rebroadcasting on the stream. Do you have a solid and stationary Webcam with at least 720p quality? *
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