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This questionnaire is for anyone who is interested in being a guest on the Unbroken & Enough Podcast. Please be brief but descriptive in your responses so we can make an informed decision. If chosen to be a guest, our team will reach out to you with instructions on getting scheduled.
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Monetary Disclaimer
All guests are volunteer guests of Unbroken & Enough and will not be compensated for their interview. In addition, we will not charge anyone to be a guest on the podcast either, keeping it an open round table discussion for all. If you wish to purchase advertising within the podcast, please email us at hello@unbrokenandenough.com
Your Host - Shonda Ramsey
Hi friends, I'm Shonda Ramsey and will be the host of the Unbroken & Enough Podcast. Like you, I have also faced many hardships in my life and had a desire to have meaningful and lasting friendships. It is my goal to help you identify areas of potential growth in your life so that you can begin working on deepening your friendships from the heart. In addition to the podcast, I also have a stationery and lifestyle brand focused on building friendships from the heart for women who feel unheard and alone so they can cultivate deep-rooted relationships with themselves and others. I want those who are going through hardships to know they don't have to go through it alone!  Thanks for taking the time to share your story with me! Be sure to join our online community support group on Facebook.
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Your information is only used by our team to make decisions on which guests to invite to our podcast. We will never share or sell your information. We keep your answers on record and may still reach out to you within a years time frame of initially signing up. After a year, your information is archived and you'll need to resubmit for reconsideration.
This Podcast is for entertainment purposes only. Shonda Ramsey and all staff of Unbroken & Enough are not medical professionals and do not give medical advice. For our full legal disclaimer, please visit the website www.unbrokenandenough.com.
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