Season 23 Knockout Rounds
Currently each season when we reach the Knock-out rounds, the teams that finish 1st and 2nd in each group have a Home Ground Advantage (HGA), and their opponents are selected from different groups, but in a traditional WCC format.

Then when we reach the Semi-Final stage, HGA is selected at random for the winner of one the 2 Quarter Finals on each side of the ladder, so I am proposing the following;

Season 23 Possible Changes:

Change A:
I am proposing that the HGA is kept the same for the teams that finish in 1st and 2nd, however their opponents will be selected at random, from the teams that finish in 3rd and 4th place on the group tables in each respective trophy category (Cup, Plate etc).

Change B:
For the semi-finals I am proposing that rather than follow the ladder, the semi-final match-ups are drawn at random, after the Quarter Finals have finished.

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