Please fill out this 3 minute survey to help us understand how people view astronomers and astrophysicists.
1. Grade Astrophysics from 1 to 5, where 1 corresponds to a soft science and 5 to a hard science
2. Astrophysics is a subfield of Physics?
3. Astrophysics is a more technical/difficult field than Astronomy
4. Which of the following represents something an astronomer does as part of his or her job?
5. If you were hiring for a high school science teacher would you prefer:
6. Do you think a degree in Astronomy would qualify a person to work as...
(please choose all that apply)
7. If you were hiring for a finance firm would you prefer:
8. Astrophysics is a more prestigious degree than Astronomy
9. If you were hiring for a research position at NASA would you prefer:
10. Grade Astronomy from 1 to 5, where 1 corresponds to a soft science and 5 to hard science
11. When asked what astrophysicists do, you would most likely reply:
12. Do you think someone with a degree in Astrophysics could reasonably obtain a job
(please check all that apply)
13. Astronomy belongs to the Physical Sciences
14. If you wanted to know a constellation in the sky, would you ask:
15. Astronomy is different from Astrophysics
16. What type of degree do you hold?
17. Do you have a (partial) background in engineering, physics or math?
18. Are you in Astronomy or Astrophysics?
19. Do you have a close friendship with somebody in Astronomy or Astrophysics?
20. Where do you live?
21. What is your gender?
22. What is your age?
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