TANG 2018 Staff Application
Taiwanese American Next Generation (TANG) Mission Statement:
"For the youth to be enriched by a loving Taiwanese community, so they can obtain a stronger sense of self and passionately pursue their convictions."

TANG will be from 6/30/18-7/4/18 at West Chester University of PA.

By becoming a member of staff, you are helping to create meaningful experiences for our campers.

Counselor Position Description:
• Nourish personal development of our campers
• “Safe Space!” – ensuring a safe and open environment for campers
• Adhere to the program created by the Program Directors
• Lead and facilitate small group discussions
• Ensure the safety of all campers
• Participate in nightly Program Director meetings
• Assist with Program Director requests
• Communicate concerns to the Program Director – better to be safe!
• Participate in weekly/biweekly meetings with the Program Director and staff leading up to the conference
• Attend staff retreat in late May/Early June
• Have fun and create new memories!

• Tiny Tots
• Juniors
• Junior High
• High School
• Young Adults
• TANG Parents
• Special Operations (Spec. Ops) - focuses on supporting the Program Directors through conference logistics. Spec. Ops staff interactions with campers will be more limited than counselor-camper interactions, so please keep that in mind when considering this position.

NOTE: You must have at least finished your freshman year of college to be on staff.

Because we are a volunteer-run organization, please plan to budget for board and meal costs. We are working to subsidize costs.

Completing this application will help us to match you to a position that will make the best use of your talents and interests for TANG's needs. The deadline for staff applications is April 30th, but the sooner you apply the better! If you're not sure about your schedule this summer, that's ok! You can still apply.

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Finalized dates are 6/30-7/4 including Staff Day. We will start at 10 AM on 6/30. It is important that you be able to make it on staff day.
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