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CDN Trust works with young people throughout the wider Christchurch area. If you don't already know about us, you can read more at

CDN is a Christian-based organisation. We work alongside a wide range of community organisations, youth groups and churches and work with a huge variety of people regardless of background or belief. We have a broad range of programmes, and some of our roles require that you are actively engaged in your Christian faith to be a volunteer, while many of our programmes have no spiritual content at all and so some of our volunteer roles do not require you to have a faith yourself. We do require that CDN volunteers are respectful of our faith just as we are respectful of the beliefs of all our volunteers, young people and families. Virtually all of our roles require a police vetting check to be completed before you volunteer.

We're excited that you're keen to be involved. Once we have your details, one of our youth workers will get in touch with you when there's an event suitable for you to be involved in. If you haven't been a volunteer with us before, we will need your consent to complete police vetting requirements.
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