The objective of the Critical Success Forum is to mobilize COMMITTED INDUSTRY PRACTITIONERS who have great love for Nigeria, expertise in their chosen fields of endeavor as well as the experience that is required to bring to fruition the promise of a New Nigeria especially for their industry.

These industry practitioners will be charged with the task of creating the road map for a New Nigeria and the pathway for the development of each sector.

Their mandate will be to:

1. Create a draft VISION statement for their Sector. (Timeline 2025).
2. Identify the core VALUES that must be encouraged within their sectoral ecosystem to drive the actualization of the vision statement.
3. Identify the PRIORITIES & key focus areas that must be addressed immediately and in the near/short/medium and long terms in order to achieve the industry vision.
4. Identify POLICY & PROGRAM INITIATIVES that can be crystalized to achieve this vision. (Review existing ‘great ideas’ that have not been implemented or poorly implemented).
5. Identify BOTTLENECKS and CHALLENGES to the development and advancement of their Industry (legal/infrastructural/cross-industry).
6. Identify the REGULATORY AGENCIES that should be responsible for creating an enabling environment for the actualization of the vision for the industry.
7. Define the ideal PROFILE for the leadership of these regulatory bodies
8. Suggest a few industry practitioners whose profiles best fit for possible appointments to the leadership positions of the regulatory agencies.
9. Identify a list of 3-5 industry practitioners willing to crystallize a 100day, 200day and 300day plan of action steps to be taken.
10. Create an ACCOUNTABILITY FRAMEWORK to hold government administrations accountable for the implementation of the action plan.

It’s often been said that where there is a will, there is a way. There is a strong WILL and an absolute resolve to build Nigeria into the most desirable nation to live, work, invest and do business in & with. Now, we just need to carve the WAY to actualize it.

Finally, Nelson Mandela once said “Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.“

Clearly, greatness has chosen our generation to build a New Nigeria that we will all be proud to call our home and our children will be grateful to inherit from us.

It is now time for our generation to arise & build the New Nigeria. We can no longer delay our future. Our future is here and now. We can, we must and together, WE will Deliver The Future. This is why we are running for a New Nigeria; a most desirable nation to live in where everything works and everyone is working to make things work.
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