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We're really excited you've chosen to rent our facility! We set out not just to build a facility to house our ministry efforts, but also to serve our city.

Please review the Rental Rates and Terms of Services and then fill out the form below and we'll get back to soon!

Terms of Service
I. Rentable Spaces
Connection Church is able to provide the main auditorium, adult and student multi- function rooms, and classrooms for events. The main auditorium has a capacity of 1,070 people, while the adult multi-function rooms have capacities of 100.

II. Rental Fees and Facility Availability
Connection Church events take priority over outside events. We reserve the right to refuse rental space to any organization in the event it conflicts with the schedule, technological availability, core beliefs of the church, or for any other reason the church decides.

III. Policies and Procedures
To utilize a Connection Church facility, event organizers must contact the administrative office (912-871-5849) within three weeks of the event. There is no guarantee that facilities will be available, so earlier inquires are encouraged.
Renters will be required to sign the rental agreement form agreeing to all terms and conditions outlined in the Facility Rental Agreement. Staff compensation can be paid directly to the staff member or to Connection Church in advance of the event.
A Facility Manager of Connection Church is required to be on premises at all times during an event. This Facility Manager will be responsible for unlocking and locking the facility, as well as offering support or directions, as renters require.
If renters will be using the audio visual (AV) or other church equipment, a production staff member is required to be on premise during the event. The production staff member will be responsible for running any equipment needed during the event.
For an auditorium rental that require chairs will need to be removed, an extra fee will be required. Fees should be paid directly to Connection Church prior to the event.
1342 Cawana Rd. Statesboro, GA 30461 // WWW.CONNECTION-CHURCH.COM

IV. Food and Beverages
Caterers or other servers are welcome, but should be advised that the facility does not contain a kitchen.
The Facility Manager should be notified immediately if there is a spill or other issue in the facility. Damages caused as a result of the renter failing to follow these requirements may result in an additional cleaning fee.

V. AV and Other Equipment
AV and other sound and video equipment are available for events. 2 production staff members will be provided for all Main Auditorium Rentals to oversee and run any equipment being used.
Outside AV and other equipment is allowed, so long as it does not need to be tied in to the existing equipment. Renters shall ask a production staff member any questions regarding AV and other equipment should be addressed before the rental agreement is signed.
Any damage occurring to Connection Church’s AV, video, or any other equipment, as a result of the renter’s disregard for these policies may result in a charge for the repair of the equipment or the fair market value of the damaged equipment, whichever is less.
1342 Cawana Rd. Statesboro, GA 30461 // WWW.CONNECTION-CHURCH.COM

VI. Set up and Clean up
Renters will be given 1 hour prior to the rental and 1 hours after the rental to setup and clean up. Renters will be allowed to setup and decorate, so long as nothing (Signs, decorations, etc) is attached to the floors, walls, or other fixtures in the auditorium, adult multi- function room, or hallways. If any item belonging to Connection Church is to be moved or removed, renter must specify this at time of rental. For any questions regarding decorations or moving items the day of the event, please defer to the Facilities Manager representative from Connection Church.
Renters may use the chairs provided inside of the rented space. Additional tables and chairs are the responsibility of the renter.
Connection Church works to maintain a clean and inviting space. Renters are asked to respect that goal and return any used space (including restroom facilities and outdoor space) to its original condition.
Failure to abide by these policies may result in an additional cleaning fee.

VII. Cancellations
Renters are asked to give Connection Church a minimum of 24 hours notice for canceled events. Failure to notify Connection Church before the event may result in a one hour charge for staff members scheduled for the event. ($8-$10 respectively)

**Rental organization must provide liability insurance certificate with Connection Church named as an additional insured and letter proving not-for-profit status before contract may be executed.No date is guranteed or should be considered firm until a contract is issued along with payment of applicable deposits.Untitled Title

Untitled Title
Rental Rates
Rental Rates
Connection Church Auditorium Rental Rates
Main Auditorium - $1390 Commercial Rate Per 4 hour block
Main Auditorium – $900 Non-profit Rate Per 4 hour block
Small Auditorium – $450 Commercial Rate Per 4 hour block
Small Auditorium –$250 Non-profit Rate Per 4 hour block

Baby Shower Special Pricing
Members - $75
Non-Members - $125
*Price includes 3 round tables and tablecloths.

Live Video - $210 ($70 if you provide your own camera operators)
Custom Lights - $150 (Main Auditorium only)
Traffic Officer - $30 per hour (Events requiring more than 200 parking spaces require Traffic Police / 2 Hour Minimum)
Special Chair Setup - $100 (Main Auditorium)

Additional Room(s) Rental Rates
Heart & Soul – $300 Commercial Rate Per 4 hour block
Heart & Soul – $200 Non-profit Rate Per 4 hour block
Classroom(s) – $200 Commercial Rate Per 4 hour block
Classroom(s) – $100 Non-profit Rate Per 4 hour block

Additional Costs Beyond 4 Hour Rental
Main Auditorium - $200 per hour
Small Auditorium - $100 per hour
Heart and Soul - $75 per hour
Classrooms - $50 per hour

Additional Notes
Charges cover BASIC sound and lighting for Main and Small Auditoriums. Custom light shows (Main Auditorium only) incur additional charges.

Additional services are available. Please inquire during your tour.

Rentals are available:
Monday: 8a-6p*
Tuesday: 8a-10p
Thursday: 8a-10p
Friday: 8a-10p
Saturday: 8a-1p*
Sunday: N/A*

*Monday after 6pm and Saturday and Sunday after 1pm will be considered on request. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due upon any booking made.

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