Lewis Cass School-Owned Instrument Rental
Dear Parents,

We are so glad that your student is a part of the historic band program here at Lewis Cass! We are also proud to provide students with our school-owned instruments when needed. These instruments are not only used by your student, but by many students before them as well. This means the instruments receive normal wear and tear that must be maintained and cared for.
This year we are requesting a School Owned Instrument fee that will help in maintaining our instruments throughout the year. The cost of renting an instrument from Lewis Cass is $20 a semester, ($40 a year). The summer use is included in the fall semester.
The only reason a student would be charged more than $20 a semester is if there is obvious abuse or damage to the instrument caused by that student. The student will be charged the repair fee if it is beyond normal wear and tear.
Thank you so much for your contribution and support of the Lewis Cass band program, and please feel free to reach out at any time with questions and concerns!

Alan Hinshaw and Tyler Long
Band Directors
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"I have read and understand the school-owned instrument policy as stated above. I understand my student will be financially responsible for any damage they cause to the instrument."
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Rental Fee: $20 per semester, $40 for full year.
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