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The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB), is a national and international collective of anti-racist, multicultural community organizers and educators dedicated to building an effective movement for social transformation. The People’s Institute believes that racism is the primary barrier preventing communities from building effective coalitions and overcoming institutionalized oppression and inequities. Over the last 39 years, we have provided training, consultation, and leadership development to more than 200,000,000 people nationally and internationally. Through Undoing Racism®/Community Organizing Workshops, technical assistance and consultations, The People’s Institute helps individuals, communities, organizations and institutions move beyond addressing the symptoms of racism to undoing the root causes of racism so as to create a more just and equitable society.

Undoing Racism is our signature workshop. Through dialogue, reflection, role-playing, strategic planning and presentations, this intensive process challenges participants to analyze the structures of power and privilege that hinder social equity and prepares them to be effective organizers for justice. Our multiracial team of organizers/trainers includes more than 40 people whose anti-racist organizing expertise includes years with civil, labor and welfare rights struggles, educational, foster care, social service and health reform movements, as well as youth and grassroots community organizing. The People’s Institute averages 10-15 Undoing Racism®/Community Organizing workshops per month.

Workshop participants will:

-Develop a common working definition of racism and an understanding of its different forms: individual, institutional, linguistic, and cultural;
-Develop a common language and analysis for examining racism in the United States;
-Understand one’s own connection to institutional racism and its impact on their work;
-Understand why people are poor and the role of institutions in exacerbating institutional racism, particularly for poor people and communities of color;
-Understand the historical context for how racial classifications in the United States came to be and how and why they are maintained;
-Understand the historical context for how U.S. institutions came to be and who they have been designed to serve;
-Understand how all of us, including white people, are adversely impacted by racism every day, everywhere;
-Address surface assumptions about how your work is (or is not) affected by racism;
-Develop awareness and understanding about ways to begin Undoing Racism;
-Gain knowledge about how to be more effective in the work you do with your constituencies, your organizations, your communities, your families;
-Understand the role of community organizing and building effective multiracial coalitions as a means for Undoing Racism.

Workshop Location:
2801 Banks St. New Orleans, LA 70117

Times of workshop
1st day 6pm-9pm
2nd day 9am-5pm
3rd day if on Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm, Sundays 9am-3pm

Registration is $270.00 per person. We also do our best to offer scholarship and sliding scale rates. Please contact our office for more sliding scale information, and if you would like to make a payment plan.

REGISTRATION is REQUIRED before the workshop, preferably two weeks in advance. To reserve your space, please complete the information below. Participants must commit to attending the entire Workshop. Space is limited.

Please also find more information at or by calling our office at 504-301-9292. You can also send emails to
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