West Bloomfield School District 2019-2020 Device Commitment Form and Required Technology Policies for 9th-12th grade
The West Bloomfield School District is committed to enhancing instruction through the use of technology. Our goal is to create an environment where students use technology to access a vast amount of resources, tools, and instructional delivery methods to differentiate, support, and enhance their learning. The use of a laptop computer, Chromebook, or tablet with a keyboard is recommended for all 9-12th grade classes. These devices will be an important part of the instructional delivery model.

Your child has the option of bringing their own device or using a district-provided device. To support our planning, this form needs to be completed for each student by September 20, 2019. If you have multiple children in our school, you will have the option to submit another form upon completion.

You and your child will also be asked to review and indicate an understanding of technology policies related to the use of mobile computing devices and the West Bloomfield School District WiFi network. Please take the time to go through each policy with your child/children. These policies are designed to support a robust, 1:1 learning environment while also ensuring the safety and protection of our students.

If you did not give permission for your child to receive a Google account during previous school years or you are new to the West Bloomfield School District, you will also be asked to provide a digital signature for your child to receive a secure account. This will allow them to access educational tools and resources provided in the Google for Education suite. The access and functionality of the Google Account complies with all federal legislation around privacy and internet safety. After we receive your permission, your child will receive a unique username and password under the wbsd.org domain.

This username and password gives your child access to a fully functioning email account that will allow them to:

→ Send and receive emails both within and outside the wbsd.org domain

→ Access to Google Drive (docs, slides, sheets, forms, drawings, classroom)

→ Access to Gmail, calendar, and contacts

*Important Note: Account will be deleted 6 months after graduation

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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