IAS Course Petition Form
If a student believes that a course is relevant to their IAS concentration, but the course does not appear on the master course list for the concentration (http://ias.wustl.edu/courses), then the student may petition to add the course.

Students should consult with their IAS major advisor prior to petitioning for the course.

In order to petition, students must submit a justification (using this form) and an electronic copy of the syllabus (emailed to the Academic Coordinator, Jeremy Caddel at jcaddel@wustl.edu).

The Academic Coordinator will prepare the petition and submit it to the appropriate Concentration Coordinator for a decision. Petitions may be (1) approved for the course list (where the course is appropriate for all students in the concentration), (2) approved on an ad hoc basis (where the course is not necessarily appropriate for all students, but would further the individual student's academic focus within the major), or (3) denied.

Students will be informed of the decision via email as soon as a decision is made and all decisions are final. Please limit submissions to one course petition per form submission. If you are petitioning for multiple courses, submit each petition separately.

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Your concentration within IAS
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The name of your advisor for the IAS Major.
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By checking this box, you indicate that you have consulted with your major advisor prior to submitting a petition. Petitions will not be accepted until you have done so.
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Title of the course as it appears in WEBSTAC
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Provide the name of the department in which the course is based.
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Provide a one-paragraph statement that addresses: (1) why the course is applicable to the concentration and (2) how the course furthers your personal academic goals within the IAS major.
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Syllabus *
You're not done yet! To complete the petition, you must submit an electronic copy (pdf, MSword, etc.) of the course syllabus to the Academic Coordinator, Jeremy Caddel, at jcaddel@wustl.edu.
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