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The Young Feminists for Climate Justice Storytelling Project seeks to increase the visibility of youth perspectives and experiences at the intersections of feminist and climate justice struggles.

Suggestions of story formats (you choose what's most relevant to you, or take it in the direction you wish!):
-Anecdote: Tell us about an experience you had that shows aspects of what being a young woman or young feminist in climate or environmental advocacy is for you.
-Story of your path: Share how you chose to become involved in feminist and/or environmental justice activism, what your path has been, challenges you've encountered and how you’ve faced them.
-Perspective: What is climate and/or environmental justice to you? How does it connect with feminism? As a young woman and/or young feminist, what is your vision for the future?
-Demands: What are the objectives of your activism? What are your concrete demands? What are your priorities, as a young feminist/young woman for climate/environmental justice? What do you think is needed for movement building at the intersections of feminism and the environment?
-Creativity: Share poetry, non-narrative writing, visual art or other creative expressions based on your experiences and perspectives.

Deadline to submit this form for inclusion in print publication: Sunday October 22nd, 2017
Deadline to submit this for for inclusion in online platform: End of the year, 2017

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