ECX 2017: Request for Housing
Housing out-of-town dancers for an exchange is a beautiful tradition. In New Haven, we host dancers for our exchange and other events, and when we travel to dance in other cities, these and other dancers open their homes to us! This is key to a great exchange.

In opening up their home, a host may develop closer friendships with their guests, and know that they’re also making the exchange affordable, accessible, and much more fun. Guests receive a personal welcome to New Haven and get to spend even more time with our lovely local dancers.

Please email housing(at)elmcityexchange(dot)com with any housing-related questions.

---I’ve requested housing for ECX! How can I be an excellent guest?---
Be polite and respectful of your host(s) and their home. Check our Transportation page and ask your host about how best to get around New Haven. Remember that your host(s) isn’t obligated to feed or transport you, but they may choose to. Be sure to thank your host(s)!

The Housing Exchange acts only as a clearinghouse for the convenience of dancers. Neither Yale University nor Yale Swing, Blues, and Fusion screens dancers or hosts; Yale University and the Yale Swing, Blues, and Fusion make no representations with respect to the dancers or the hosts and decisions regarding housing are to be made solely between the dancers and the hosts. The dancers and the hosts acknowledge that Yale University and Yale Swing, Blues, and Fusion are not responsible for, and will be held harmless against, any injury, loss, or other damage arising from or related in any manner to the housing exchange.

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Which nights do you need housing?
Will you have a car in New Haven?
Do you have housing-relevant allergies? (e.g., animals, smoke)
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At dances, when do you usually leave?
For everyone's sake, we like to pair night owls with fellow night owls, and vice versa.
Is there anyone you would like to be housed with? Name them here:
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Is there anyone with whom you would NOT like to be housed?
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Could you bring your own air mattress?
Should we consider anything else while matching you with a host?
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