Liberty Schools 1 to 1 Repair Form
***************************** N O T E **************************************

After completing this form, be sure to drop off the following to your respective office: Chromebook, bag & charger. Your Chromebook should be repaired by the following day (after submission). If it is not, you will be provided with a "loaner" Chromebook until yours is functioning. You may also be able to have it repaired and take home that day, depending on the Chromebook issue. Please continue to check back with the office to check on the status of your Chromebook.

***************************** N O T E **************************************

Without warranty you will be responsible for the parts:

Broken Screen - $40.00 Top LCD Cover - $26.00
Bottom Cover - $22.00 Keyboard - $45.00
Electric Charger - $20 or USB-C $30 Battery - $20.00
Missing Key - $5.00 per key Rotating Camera - $20.00
Missing White Plastic Key Fastener - $5.00 per key Mouse - $5.00
Missing Charger not covered under warranty Motherboard - $95.00
Chromebook Bag/Case - $13.00 (Not Covered under warranty)
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Repair Procedure (During Active School Hours)
If Chromebook needs to be repaired:
*You must turn in Chromebook, bag, and power supply (charger) to the LHS secretary before we will service your Chromebook.
*Check back with the office secretary the following day for updates
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Please explain in detail what happened to your Chromebook
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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