Injuries on dog paws & opinions on dog boots
My name Jose Ignacio Munoz Quijada. I am a 4th year Industrial Design Student at Massey University. This is an invitation to participate in a research project that I am leading for the paper 198.453 Industrial Design Research and Development, a Final-year project for Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Industrial Design) . Your involvement in this research project would be greatly appreciated.

The aim of this project is to design for search & rescue dog, a protective/safety equipment that aids the well being of search & rescue dogs and ability to perform at their job, all while providing comfort to the dog. (this could also apply to other dogs that are not involved in search & rescue)

The aim of this survey is to identify the injuries dogs are incurring and the causes, understanding the problems, issues that dogs and their handlers are having with dog boot products, and lastly understand what are the features and aspects the product users needs & wants.

Approximate duration of the survey: 4 - 5 minutes
What breed of dog do you have?
How old is your dog?
Tick if your dog is any of the following
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Specify below if other has been ticked.
Has your dog incurred in any feet, leg or paw related Injuries?
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If yes was ticked previously, tick the following Injuries your dog has incurred.
If 'Other' has been selected specify below.
how frequent have these injuries taken place?
Split or craked pads
Worn pads
Burnt pads
Torn nails
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