Catawba Trail Elementary Registration
Please complete the following form to register for the after school chess program at Catawba Trail. Note that for reasons of confidentiality, the school does not provide us with any information about your child or yourself. Therefore, please be sure to include any information that may be relevant whether or not it is on file with the school. The information you submit is entirely confidential and will be used only to administer the after school program at Catawba Trail.

*Note: Registration is limited to the first twenty registrants. Spots are tentatively held for kindergarten and first-grade students pending communication with the parent and instructor.
Child's Name *
Preferred first and last name. Please feel free to also include preferred nicknames such as John "The Obliterator" Smith :)
Grade *
In which grade is your child? Please note that we ask kindergarten and first grade parents to contact us ( prior to enrollment to make sure the program is a good fit; enrollment is conditional pending such discussion.
What is your child's chess experience? *
Has your child previously played chess? Has he or she ever participated in a chess program or tournament before?
Mother's Name
Father's Name
Phone Numbers *
In case of emergency, what are the most reliable phone numbers by which we might reach you? Please list all caretaker numbers in preferred order of contact.
E-mails *
What are the most reliable e-mails by which we might reach you? Please list all caretaker emails in preferred order of contact.
Additional Notes
Are there any other things we should know about your child? Please especially elaborate on any health or classroom concerns which may be relevant.
E-mail Sign-Up
During the semester and at the beginning of the next semester, parents will receive information by email and by text via the Remind app. We also send out optional regular newsletters about community chess events. Would you like to subscribe to our community newsletter?
Waiver of Liability *
I/We [as identified in the fields "Mother's Name" and "Father's Name"] specifically release and discharge, in advance, Strategery: Chess and Games, and its directors, employees, instructors, assistants, and volunteers from any and all liability, whether known or unknown. I/We agree to accept responsibility for the risks that may occur through participation in these voluntary chess programs. I/We hereby agree to waive, release and discharge any and all claims for damages, for death, personal injury or property damage which my child may have or which may hereafter accrue as a result of my child’s participation in this program against their person or entity whether such injury or damage was foreseeable. This acknowledgement of and assumption of risk and release shall be binding upon heirs and assigns.
Photo/Video Authorization *
Strategery: Chess and Games takes photos and videos during their programs with the intention of sharing them with parents, with the school, and in promotions of their programs.
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