Penducky Derby Volunteering
The 2019 Penducky Derby will be held in late summer 2019. Details of the event are currently being finalized but we would like to begin soliciting volunteer support for a number of different areas. Please let us know if you are interested in supporting this event in any way.
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First Name
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Good phone number(s) to reach you at
Best email
Please indicated any of the tasks you are interested in helping with.
Really interested in helping with this
Sort of interested in helping with this
Not interested at all in helping with this
Overseeing coordination of one of the below areas
Provide music during event
Provide food during event
Help with set up/take down at event
Provide photography or video support
Provide support in the water - controlling boat traffic, monitoring ducks, duck recovery, etc.
Ticket sales - summer market opening, online support, etc.
Duck herding prior to event - numbering, cleaning, etc.
Administrative tasks - parks permit, gaming event license, etc.
Poster development to advertise event - work with school around contest for poster, print posters, etc.
Prize corralling - finding donations for prizes
Arrange media support - print media coordination, website work, social media campaign, etc.
Please provide any details you want us to know about your participation in the areas where you are interested as indicated above.
What other tasks, not listed above, do you think you could help with?
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