STEM Professional Questionnaire
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STEM EDUCATION PORTAL - Connecting Research to the Classroom
In an effort to encourage more students to consider STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) career paths, SD EPSCoR sponsors a web-based project to provide free curriculum enhancement resources, content and support for teachers based on scientific research occurring in South Dakota’s higher education institutions. By providing these resources, SD EPSCoR's goal is to enrich classroom learning experiences, increase "hands-on" research and research-like opportunities to spark interest in K-12 students to pursue STEM careers. SD EPSCoR and SD Discovery Center have teamed up to develop curriculum modules with local researchers based on their expertise. Content will be housed in a new online “Education Portal” database. This free resource will allow teachers to access curriculum enriching materials on different topics that are aligned with the SD Next Generation Science Standards to make STEM more accessible to students.

SD EPSCoR is looking for SD researchers that are willing to share their expertise. Join our efforts and help us feature your research as a lesson module in SD schools, connect with local students (in person or virtually) to talk about your work and what it is like to be a STEM professional in South Dakota. Simply fill out the following “STEM Professional Questionnaire” and we will create a lesson plan and include you in our “Education Portal” database.
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The following questions refer to the topic of your research.
We will use your answers to create a lesson module that can be implemented into a school curriculum. Please be thorough in answering the questions and add as much detail as possible. We want the lesson to reflect your passion and fascination about your research.
Why is your topic COOL? What FASCINATES you about it? *
Why does your research MATTER? How is it RELEVANT to people’s lives? *
What ANALOGIES or COMMONLY KNOWN CONCEPTS describe your research topic and make it easier to understand? *
What background knowledge is REQUIRED for students to UNDERSTAND your research topic? *
What KEY TERMS, or TERMINOLOGY are frequently used to describe your topic? *
What TOOLS / METHODS do you frequently use in your research? *
Do you use and PLANT, ANIMAL, or CELL MODELS in your research? *
(specify which ones you use)
Do you have multimedia content, such as VIDEO, ANIMATIONS, or PICTURES about your topic that you are willing to share?  *
(specify the content and give a short description)
Do you have ideas or recommendations that could be the basis for any simple LAB EXPERIMENTS, DEMONSTRATIONS, or ACTIVITIES about your topic for classroom use? *
(specify the content and give a short description)
Is there any POPULAR SCIENCE coverage of your topic?  *
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What are the most useful and relevant SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS that describe your topic?  *
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Select your preferred classroom connection(s).
Do you have any additional information you would like to share or questions for us?
Thank you for completing the STEM Professional Questionnaire!
We will be in touch for a follow-up interview and to exchange any material you are willing to share.
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