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Apply below to join us in Detroit for the third Untokening event, From Rust Belt to Legacy: Our Collective Mobility Future.

On November 11, we will come together to co-create a rust-free future, we’re bringing The Untokening to the Motor City! Untokening Detroit will showcase struggles and successes in mobility advocacy, implementation, and engagement we’re seeing as we shift from Rust Belt to Legacy Cities. Holding space for people with disabilities and seniors while addressing transportation-related development in the local context of Detroit and the Rust Belt region, our day-long event will create a space to focus on the personal and interpersonal work it takes to be Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) in mobility advocacy, planning, and policy spaces. While we will center ourselves within local community and elevate the expertise of mobility leaders in Detroit, we invite folks from other regions and fields to join us in network building, storytelling and discussion.

About the Rust Belt
The history and identity of Rust Belt Cities were forged during the height of the industrial automobile era. With the decline and movement of those industries these communities faced many decades of decline and hardship. Together, we can build Legacy Cities, where communities’ strengths are recognized and are built upon in a way that nurtures inclusion, resilience, equity, and justice.

About The Untokening
Since 2016, The Untokening network has been building a tradition of sharing experiences of tokenism, sharpening our decolonizing tools to grow beyond it, and identifying actions to help guide the mobility system toward equity. Our goal is to build the capacity of BIPOC and others with marginalized identities to envision futures that are accessible and inclusive.

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