Glen Isle Community Directory Update
Hi neighbors! The GIIA Board of Directors is collecting data on residents and owners for a much-needed update to the Community Directory (that green notebook you get when you purchase a home). Glen Isle encourages a sense of community by trying to keep everyone in contact. And the Community Directory is useful for many reasons. It was last updated in 2015, so it's time for a refresher. If you don't have a Directory, you should drop us an e-mail at: and we can let you know how to get one.

We would also like to get an EMAIL ADDRESS FOR EVERYONE, property owners & renters, so that we can increase our digital communications with all of you. We are missing so many, and it has required us to keep using paper communication. The costs for supplies, postage, copying, printing, and more could be avoided by using email more.

Fill out the form below and if you have any questions, leave a comment at the end, and someone on the GIIA Board of Directors will try to get back to you as soon as possible. We're all volunteers, so please be patient.

Living in Glen Isle is great and can be even better with your help!

-Thank you!
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If you have a landline phone, can we list it in the directory? Please provide the number here.
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If you are a renter, do you know the name of the property owner? If so, please provide below.
Would you consider volunteering to serve on the GIIA Board of Directors at some point? Positions require a two-year obligation of monthly meetings. If so, we may reach out to you when nominations are being sought for open positions in the future. Note - There is no obligation just from checking these boxes.
Are you interested in perhaps joining the Glen Isle Ladies Auxiliary group for socialization and projects & events that benefit all the residents of Glen Isle? We are looking to regroup post-Covid soon and seeking new members. You can find info. on the group on the website.
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Would you like to advertise a business or community group in the Directory and help pay for updating the book with the cost of your advertisement? (Note, this is a survey only at this point.)
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Comments: Is there anything else you would like to request, or inquire about regarding Glen Isle, facilities, or GIIA, Inc.? Do you have any wishes or ideas that you'd like to share? Note, you're always welcome at GIIA board meetings, held on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the Community Clubhouse.
Finally, do you own more than one property in Glen Isle? If yes, can you give us the additional addresses below (or fill out the survey again for the additional properties)? Thanks.
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