HyperSky's Network | Helper
Become staff on the HyperSky's Network to stop cheaters and moderate the chat.
And also help the community!
What is your IGN? *
Discord (Username#0001) *
How old are you? *
What made you want to apply for Trainee on HyperSky's? *
Have you been staff on any other servers? *
If so what rank were you on that server, and what was its highest player count? (Leave N/A if you have not) *
How much time can you put into the server? *
What are you looking for on the HyperSky's Network? *
Do you have discord? (You have to have Discord and a Mic) *
Can you do a interview? *
If a hacker was trolling what would you do? (Ban Time: Perm) *
You have waited 2 weeks to re apply? (If first application then type "NA") *
Have you been banned before? *
If you have been banned why and how did you learn? *
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