Bee's Kiddo Yoga Questionnaire
Heyo! Bee Queener here! I am in the process of setting up kid yoga classes, open to the public at a Lansing studio! I would love some feedback on a few things in hopes of getting a solid core group in attendance!

With a constant yoga practice, I have found myself more comfortable in my body and mind and I truly believe kids can utilize the skillz within that practice from an earlier-than-one-might believe age. From balance and strength-training on the mat to harnessing the concepts of mindfulness and meditation in our every day lives, life with encouraged movement is better for everyone. Creating healthy response patterns to stress and anxiety at an early age allows one to LIVE WITHIN their body while it grows- I see it like having the body and mind on the same team working together to allow us all to live harmoniously- within ourselves and with each other. To me, the alternative is having to grow up and unlearn a bunch of bad habits so we can have room for better ones and honestly, UNlearning is harder.

Kids love to move and I think cultivating a regular yoga practice the perfect opportunity to lay a foundation of equality, love and respect for oneself/each other.

Below you will find my short lil survey! Thank you for taking the time to help me with this! Please share it with your friends so I get a better idea of what the local-to-Lansing wants are for YOGA FOR KIDS! <3


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What class day/time would best work for your kiddo to attend a kid yoga class? *
Kids love routine! For the little yogis (under 10), I have found that the classes run more smoothly if all the kids in the class start together from class one! Could you commit to a multi-week segment?
If I did a drop-in style class sporadically, would that encourage you to try it out?
What age-based class would your kiddo most likely attend based on their mental maturity? I'm trying to gauge how to split up the classes and where, age-wise, most of the lil yogis fall.
Hypothetically, would you hire Bee for a yoga themed birthday party? (I KNOW! SO FUN! ahh!!)
Would you be interested in a Parent/kiddo yoga class?
If you answered yes, to the parent/kiddo class, what day/time would work best for your family?
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