Room Rental Agreement - Function
This rental agreement, between the Sackville Heights Community Centre, (SHCC) and you serves to inform you of the obligations placed upon you when renting any portion of the Facility.
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If anyone attending your function causes damage, you will be liable to pay ANY COST which the SHCC incurs in restoring the premises to the same condition as before you rented the premises.

The SHCC shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the property of any individual attending the function whether this damage or loss occurs inside the premises or in the parking area.

The SHCC reserves the right to have a representative at any event held in the centre. In addition, there is to be no form of adult entertainment (unlawful) at any event.

All extraordinary equipment and services (e.g., entertainment, security) are the responsibility of the renter. This includes obtaining any necessary gaming licenses.

It is also the renter’s responsibility to acquire a liquor license (if applicable). This is only the case if permission has been received from the SHCC to serve free wine (no home made wine). If free wine is to be served it is to be served with the meal only and to be removed immediately after the meal and before the bar opens.

If liquor or beer is to be consumed on the premises IT MUST be obtained from the SHCC bar. In addition, all laws and conditions in accordance with the N.S. Liquor Licensing Board and the SHCC shall be respected. Drinks cannot be consumed in the parking area.

You agree to follow the SHCC recycling guidelines and to dispose of any garbage in the outside bins.

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