Parent Survey 2018-2019
1: Do you feel your student is excited and motivated to come to school? *
2: How important is it to have access to electronic lesson plans, homework reminders, google classroom etc…? *
3: How often do you feel teachers should update e-school? *
4: How often do you as a parent check e-school? *
5: Do you feel the academic standards at Sand Creek are adequate for students planning to attend college?
6: How do you feel communication is handled between school and home? *
7: How often do you receive communication from a teacher prior to disciplinary action from the office? *
8: How safe does your child feel both physically and emotionally at Sand Creek? *
9: On average how much time does your child spend on homework each night? *
10: How welcome does the Sand Creek staff make your family feel?
11-Do you feel the building and grounds at Sand Creek are adequate for the needs of students? *
12-Do you agree with the idea of Sand Creek Jr. Sr. High School working toward achieving a 1:1 student to technology (chromebook) ratio? *
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