Volunteer Request Form
A volunteer will AUTOMATICALLY be provided for you IF you are:
*applying for the F-4 visa
*applying for dual citizenship (both steps 1 [application] and 2 [pledges])
*doing an ACTIVE birth family search (visiting birthplaces, community centers, elderly community centers, police stations, hospitals, orphanages, city/town halls, village centers, posting flyers, etc.)
*submitting a police report or DNA through a police station

NOTE: Only paid G.O.A.’L members can request to use our volunteer services.

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Please give us at least 8 days notice.
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Please have a location in mind - even if it changes later - so that we can ask the volunteers. Please be specific, like Hongdae Station (exit number would be nice for larger stations] or Primo Bacio Baci in Hongdae, not just Hongdae.
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Phone (ex. 010-1234-1234 [for residents in Korea only]), email (ex. volunteer@goal.or.kr) or Kakao (ex. goalkorea)
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If you have been in contact with Birth Family Search (BFS) previously, who was your caseworker?
Korea Adoption Services Information
Since we are partially funded by a government agency called Korea Adoption Services (KAS), we need the following information. Please understand that it is not for GOAL's usage.
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