Volunteer Request Form
A volunteer will be provided for you IF you are:
*applying for the F-4 visa
*applying for dual citizenship (both steps 1 [application] and 2 [pledges])
*doing an ACTIVE birth family search (visiting birthplaces, community centers, elderly community centers, police stations, hospitals, orphanages, city/town halls, village centers, posting flyers, etc.)
*submitting a police report or DNA through a police station

NOTE: Only paid G.O.A.’L members can request to use our volunteer services. We need exact details of the meeting 10 days in advance. We do not provide volunteers for agency file reviews.

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Please give us at least 8 days notice. Since the GOA'L Office will closed in August for First Trip Home, we are not accepting any requests during August.
Where do you want the volunteer to meet you? *
Please have a location in mind - even if it changes later - so that we can ask the volunteers. Please be specific, like Hongdae Station (exit number would be nice for larger stations] or Primo Bacio Baci in Hongdae, not just Hongdae.
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Phone (ex. 010-1234-1234 [for residents in Korea only]), email (ex. volunteer@goal.or.kr) or Kakao (ex. goalkorea)
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If you have been in contact with Birth Family Search (BFS) previously, who was your caseworker? *
Korea Adoption Services Information
Since we are partially funded by a government agency called Korea Adoption Services (KAS), we need the following information. Please understand that it is not for GOAL's usage.
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