Durham Craft Market Membership Renewal Application 2018
Welcome back and thank you for renewing your membership. We look forward to a fruitful year of crafts, community and collaboration.

We are limited on vendor spaces available each Saturday, therefore signup for markets is on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. Fortunately, for artists who want to sell but do not have available space, we still have the opportunity to sell at the Vega Metals Market.

To renew your membership for this year, please complete this form and submit FULL or PARTIAL payment by MARCH 1ST. Complete payment is DUE by APRIL 1ST. The Craft Market Rules and the Membership Committee descriptions are available at http://durhamcraftmarket.com/craft-market-rules/ . Please read before completing this application.

This renewal application must be filled out by FEBRUARY 15, 2018!

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What awards, honors, or other recognition have you received in the previous year?
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Do you want to add a new craft to your booth at the Durham Craft Market? Describe the craft below and the selection committee will jury your proposed product for approval.
In addition to this description please provide photographs of new products to durhamcraftmarket@gmail.com using NEW CRAFT PHOTOS in subject line and your name and business name in the text. NOTE: Guidelines include, members may expand on products WITHIN approved mediums but new mediums must be approved.
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Member Involvement
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Membership Committee
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Special Events / Holiday Show Committee
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Member Agreements
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*FULL PAYMENT(You agree to pay the full $200 membership fee by March 1st) *PARTIAL PAYMENT (You agree to pay $100 by March 1st and $100 by April 1st)
If you are paying via PayPal and your PayPal name is different from your business name, please state your PayPal name here:
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Membership Fee Agreement *
Membership Meeting *
All members are required to attend at least one general membership meeting per year (Spring/Fall)
Durham Craft Market Membership Agreement
I have read the Craft Market Rules document and understand the Seller Qualifications, Member Responsibilities, and Selection Process. I agree to adhere to the Member Responsibilities or be suspended from the DCM without refund. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless all entities associated with the Durham Craft Market from the DCM without refund. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless all entities associate with the Durham Craft Market from any and all demands, expenses, fees, fines, penalties, suits, proceedings, action, and cause of action, of any and every kind and nature, arising or in any way connected with my participation in the Durham Craft Market.

A sent application constitutes a contract to follow and be bound by the Durham Craft Market Rules, Limitations & Procedures and is a commitment to participate personally, if accepted. Violations of Rules, Limitations & Procedures prior to, during, and/or at the end of the market year will result in loss of vendor space, without refund, and the vendor will be excluded from future shows with the Durham Craft Market. Applicant certifies that photos of work accurately depict applicant’s materials. Applicant certifies photos submitted are the sole work and ownership of applicant. Applicant agrees that photos and description of work may be used in promotional materials for the Durham Craft Market. Sending this application certifies that you have read and understand these rules.

To accept this agreement please submit your completed application below.

Thank you!

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