UCCS 2019 Coupon Code Request
This form is a requirment to request a coupon code. In addition a signed agreement must be submitted. This form is available on the PTS website under printable forms.
Departmental Visitor Parking codes are issued to eligible UCCS Departments. The Purpose of the parking code is to allow eligible department’s access to a customer friendly parking option for the department’s official visitors.
1. Departments must request a code using this online for and by submitting the signature page available on the PTS
website under printable forms.
2. All applications are subject to approval of the Parking Manager or their designee.
3. The following list, which is not inclusive, provides examples of when an application will be denied:
-Lack of evidence to support a need for or significant use of the code.
-The application is for a student club.
-The application is for an event and does not demonstrate an ongoing need for a parking code.
-The application is not for a UCCS Department.

4. Codes may be disabled for any of the following reasons:
-Suspicion of fraud or misuse.
-At the request of the UCCS Controller.
-At the request of the University of Colorado’s Office of Internal Audit.
-If the department and/or its representatives fails to pay for parking charges in accordance with the agreement.
-If the department fails to properly audit monthly parking charges.
-If the department fails to demonstrate an ongoing need for the code.
-An ongoing need is described as no less than 10 uses per month.

1. All code numbers are eight digits long. This number sequence is determined by the UCCS Parking Office.
2. Codes will be issued in a list of 12, one for each month. A new agreement will be required each calendar year.
3. A new code, to replace a current code, may be issued mid-month if requested.
4. Codes are valid during the semester at all times that the visitor parking machines are operational.
5. Codes are valid in all visitor parking machines, but are not valid in individual parking meters.
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