Win an epic Valco survival bucket!
When times are tough, you need a survival kit. When times are REALLY REALLY hard, you need a Valco survival bucket.

At the end of July 2022, we'll draw two survival buckets (blue and red) between everyone who have provided their contact details.

The catch here is that we want as many new newsletter subscribers as possible. Don't worry, our newsletters are really excellent, always handwritten, and we don't have the time to send them out all the time anyway.

So what's in the red survival bucket? Well, it does have:

- Valco VMK20 noise-cancelling headphones
- An Eläkeläiset humppa album (see sample here:
- A 6-pack of Finnish pea soup
- Tummel lotion for painful abrasions
- An epic rubber fist

The blue bucket is a bit dull and contains mostly various Valco stuff. Headphones, earbuds, a speaker and a hoodie.

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