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Thank you for volunteering to beta test the Kuppuswamy scale offline spreadsheet tool.
It is assumed that you have gone through the online tool available at before placing this request.
Please fill the following request form, to receive the tool.
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Are you comfortable with the suggested way of citing the tool for the real-time update? Any comments. *
The website ( mentions the suggested citation of the tool is dual - to a baseline journal article (that gave the formula for real-time updating) and the website resource.
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In the offline tool (that you are requesting) what should be the allowed method of data entry of Education and Occupation? *
How important is the addition of these features to the online and/or offline tool? *
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Short description of Occupation categories
Short description of Education categories
Explanation of CPI-IW
Giving latest CPI-IW directly rather than the link
Comparing & showing this tool's performance vis-à-vis scale updates in journal articles
Having a Facebook page for queries
Having a user forum for queries
Having online Google spreadsheet instead of offline tool (note that your raw data would then need to be entered online)
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Any other topic/area where you feel an online tool or resource is required.
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